Nick Bucci Creates

Hi, I’m Nick: a reformed blogger. I have been in and out of blogs for years. Here I am again, hopefully for a bit longer than last time. I like to think of myself as a writer, but I haven’t been published much. Still, I enjoy crafting a good story or ramble (like this one may turn into). In my hopes of writing more, I’ve decided to start another blog/portfolio. So here’s some pieces I’ve written.

I’ve also decided to add some of my photography. Most of it is film – 35 mm or 120 mm. I enjoy shooting film photography due to its requirement for due diligence and total control. Both in shooting and developing, analog photography is a hobby of control. And every image is totally unique.

Initially, I called this site “Nick Bucci Writes.” But…. with the addition of photography and future potential art, I changed it to “Nick Bucci Creates.” Thanks for visiting!

I’m here to write, but if you’d like to support me, feel free via PayPal!

Take care!

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